Academic Language Therapist is the certification I received through Hardin-Simmons University Multi-Sensory Language Training Center to empower me in working with dyslexic students.  I’ve been a teacher of children with special needs for many, many years.  Each year that I have taught, I  walk away from school in May and have learned something new about children that will make me a better teacher the next year.  Since moving to east Texas in 2008, I’ve found that Crisman is a good fit for my skills.  

At Crisman I specialize in working with students that are dyslexic and dysgraphic.  I also do testing and tutoring at this school.  I especially enjoy working with the Crisman teachers and parents on better ways to help their children be successful in school and out of school.

I’ve been married for 44 years, have 4 children, and 9 grandchildren.  3 of our children are educators.  My children are the wind beneath my wings!  I’ve taught in 6 school districts from early childhood to high school life skills.  I enjoy traveling (especially SW Colorado), cooking, gardening, movies, home repair projects, retreats with my daughters, meeting up with old friends, babysitting grandkids, puzzles, sewing, reading and church work.   

AND SHELLING PECANS when I can find them….