Welcome to Crisman! I am Robin Hightower. I am the mother of two grown children . This is my 13th year of teaching with this being my 8th year at Crisman. This year, I have a homeroom class and I will also be the Cultural Arts for all the school’s population.  I enjoy working with my students and their families and find great pleasure in seeing a child grasp a concept they previously struggled with. I like counseling children and helping them become a better friend and student. I enjoy celebrating hard work and success!

Born and raised in Longview, I have a passion for serving our community in a variety of ways. Currently, I am hosting The Scene TV Show which concentrates on the art and talents of East Texas. I am also very active in helping the homeless in our area. As a homeroom class, we will select an area of need in our community and follow that through with a service project we will follow through the school year. This is what builds character.


           In your student’s binder, you will find a class schedule.  The most important tool you and your child will both use is their planner. This planner will inform you of daily lessons, weekly spelling list, and important due dates. I will also make a comment about the day’s behavior. Use this planner to ask your student very specific questions about their day. This will help them better retain what they have learned. It is a requirement that you sign their planner daily. Also, take time to look at the special papers put in the plastic sleeves. They are resources you can refer to as help for your child. In the front part of your student’s binder, you will see a ring with vocabulary words. These words are given in conjunction with the Reading A-Z book and lessons.  You can start looking for spelling words next week.

Remember, homework is only given on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, unless work is not completed in class or your child has been absent.  Homework is to show you what your child is doing and is to be reinforcement of the lessons taught that day. It is not sent as a new lesson, nor is it sent to torture; so, if there is ever a problem, please send a note. Encourage them to do it just the same. One or two incomplete homework assignments is acceptable, more than that is a pattern and I will help you work through that. The important thing to remember is that we are building a work ethic.

            If your student needs a mid-morning snack, you are welcome to send one. Do not send candy or chips. Appropriate snacks are fruit, crackers, cereal, and granola. If it requires a spoon please do not send it. Water is allowed in my room but no other drinks.

            Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you may text me from 3-7 pm. I will help in any way I can.