I.  Crisman students will show progress academically, socially and emotionally. 

A.  Students will be given individualized academic instruction based on each student's abilities and individual learning differences.  
    1.  Educational activities based on student's capabilities and learning styles, as determined by an individualized educational evaluation, will be provided.
    2.  Methods, materials, and technology designed to meet the needs of students with learning differences will be used.  
    3.  Evaluation: Mastery of 85% of the goals detailed on each student's Individualized Educational Plan will be documented. 

B.  Students will be given daily opportunities to develop appropriate social skills and to prepare for responsible citizenship.
    1.  Cultural arts will be offered.
    2.  Leadership skills will be developed.
    3.  Group and individual counseling by qualified personnel will be available.  
    4.  Positive reinforcement will be given for demonstrated progress in appropriate behaviors.
    5.  Opportunities will be given to enhance self-esteem.
    6.  Evaluation: The students will demonstrate an increase on Behavior weekly as documented on progress reports and Report  Cards.

II.  The Crisman School will provide information to the public on the subject of learning disabilities. 

A.  A resource center on learning differences, which includes a lending library of books, pamphlets will be open during school hours.

B.  Workshops with outside speakers who have expertise on Learning Difference will be organized.

C.  Evaluation: The school will maintain records documenting these activities.