In 1969, Windmere School was founded by Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Jo Nan Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huffman. At that time, the school was conducting classes in the education building of the Winterfield United Methodist Church in Longview.

In 1982, Mr. and Mrs. O. Wayne Crisman realized the need for a permanent facility for the school; consequently, they donated the current property, main building, and furnishings. The school was officially dedicated in 1982 and at the recommendation of the Board of Directors, renamed Crisman Preparatory School. In 1994, the Board of Directors initiated an expansion program and raised funds to build the multi-purpose building that currently houses the cafeteria. Later we simplified the name to The Crisman School.

Since its beginning, some 1,000 students from the East Texas area have attended The Crisman School.