KBIT-Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test

KBIT tests a child's cognitive ability and relays both a verbal and nonverbal score.

CTOPP-Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing


CTOPP tests phonological processing, an auditory processing skill.

PAL II-Process Assessment of the Learner

PAL II is used to measure students' procedural skills of math and mathematical computation skills.

GORT-5-Gray Oral Reading Test

GORT-5 is indicative of how an examinee analyzes specific deviations from prints.  This, in turn, provides clues about how a child reads.  This observation of a student's reading skill can lead directly to instructional methods needed. The oral reading abilities test examines rate, accuracy, comprehension and fluency.     


Conners 3rd Edition

Developed by C. Kenneth Conners, Ph.D., the Conners 3 helps to assess ADHD and comorbid disorders in children and adolescents.    

WRMT-III-Woodcock Reading Mastery Test

Decoding characteristics are evaluated with WRMT-III. Subtests include word identification, word attack, word comprehension, passage comprehension and listening comprehension. This listening comp score is very helpful in allowing the examiner to determine if comprehension ability is intact and is not due to inability with decoding and word identification.    

SORT-Slossan Oral Reading Test

SORT is a quick word identification test that indicates a student's grade level vocabulary, including prefixes and suffixes.


TWS-Test of Written Spelling

TWS measures spelling ability per grade level and indicates phonetic skills that are missing in written language.    


Key Math - 3

This test is an individually administered measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills.  The items are grouped into 10 subtests that represent three general math content area:

*Basic Concepts (conceptual knowledge)
*Operations (computational skills)
*Applications (problem solving)

Subtest areas include:
numeration, algebra, geometry,
measurement, data analysis and probability,
mental computation and estimation,
written computation: addition and subtraction,
written computation: multiplication and division,
foundations of problem solving,
and applied problem solving