The Ruby Award

To honor the memory of the late Ruby Crisman, The Ruby Award was established in 2010.  Ruby's dream of providing Windamere with a permanent place to grow is continued by wonderful and supportive people.   Each year one educator and one community member that perpetuates Ruby's dream is honored with The Ruby Award.       

Prior recipients are:

  • Jan Paine- Educator
  • Jill and Frank Chaney - Community Member
  • Dr. Peggy Coghlan and Mr. Howard - Community Member
  • Faith and Gary Fort - Educators
  • Carolyn Northcutt - Educator
  • Marilyn and Robert Hampton - Community Member
  • Lucy Peacock - Educator
  • Susanne Northcutt - Community Member
  • Jeanie and Paul Folzenlogan - Community Member
  • Gaye Webster - Educator
  • Rose Kirkpatrick - Community Member
  • Lucy Harrison - Community Member
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