I am Jamey Sartain. (SAR-tin) 

I am a mother to 4 wonderful kids. Gaige is my first born he is 11 years old, Brinklee is 8 years old, Journie is 7 years old, and Paislee is 5 years old.

I am married to one of my childhood best friends.

With getting married I gained two amazing step children Brylen he is 9 years old and Cohen is 4 years old.

We are a perfect blended family and life is never dull. In our spare time we enjoy watching or coaching our kids in their extra curricular activities, going to the lake for fun in the sun or fishing, camping, going on trips, and spending time with family. We also have 2 dogs Penelope and Thor.

Over the past few years I have been searching for my purpose and lucky for me I found Crisman. I remember the day I started I instantly knew I was where I belong and God had placed me at Crisman for a reason. I love the purpose of what Crisman is offering the amazing kids we have and I enjoy every moment with all of them. I look forward to an extraordinary year with your kids and thank you for the opportunity.